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I currently have a studio in San Francisco, in Potrero Hill.  I have regular open studio shows there and have been showing in galleries, cafes, and other venues since the late nineties.  For upcoming shows at AE go here.

My first book, called Blue was published in 2000, a novella, and my second book, a full-length novel, called In the Flat Field, was published in 2012 on Amazon for paperback and Kindle. 

Blue is available here on Kindle

In the Flat Field is available here in paperback

and for Kindle

In the Flat Field

According to Where, detail, oil and mixed media on canvas

Autobiography, artist statement

I grew up in Ohio where I had a knack for writing and an interest in reading, including science fiction and fantasy like Heinlein and Tolkein. Later I grew into literature as I discovered Salinger and Hesse and began writing poetry and fiction. In 1989 after spending some time in Europe I began to paint and make other forms of art. I self-published my first novel, Blue, in 2000.

Here is my newest artist statement which reflects a new understanding, I think, of my visual art (and my writing to some extent): 

All things that begin, like this planet, our species, all species, will have an ending, and I think my art in some ways expresses that process of decay and death in as beautiful a way as I can imagine it. The end of this world is inevitable, unless we build some giant machine to replace or control the sun, and we will eventually leave or vanish like everything that transforms. Decay, death, debris, destruction, Kali, Shiva, these are the subjects of my work. In my end is my beginning, as Eliot said in Four Quartets, but my art shows the end is not a bang or a whimper, describing the gentle beauty in the transformation of things, all that we know. The end of the world as we know it, with complicated feelings.

Buddhists teach the importance of treating the dying with gentleness, kindness and love. Hospice care for the world? Billions of years from now this planet may be dust or just a rock, floating around a dying sun. Everything that begins is born, dies, ends. Energy and matter. I am interested in a variety of media and supports including canvas, fabric, paper, oil, resin, glass, objects, etc. I have been making and showing visual art since 1989 in galleries and other venues in Ohio, Oakland, and San Francisco. For more information about work, prints, commissions, or online galleries please email me at keatts at gmail dot com for details. Please see me for any questions about pricing. 

My writing began with fiction, short stories, as a kid, and progressed to the journal in high school with Progoff's Journal Workshop, which I have dabbled in but really got me writing every day.  When I started other forms it was free verse then the novel, which became my main interest eventually when I put together some connected stories and reworked them to form my first novella, Blue, self-published in 2000. 


Main banner image taken from digital photograph, Light #1, detail, copyright 2015 Charles Keatts