I have been a mentor and life coach for teens and adults for many years, with the following focus areas and tools that I offer and share from my own experience and success:


  • sales training

  • spirituality and mindfulness practices

  • guidance around goals, focus, accountability, six month and one year plans

  • recovery issues

  • the minimalist journal method

  • mind-mapping techniques for personal organizing and breakthroughs

  • creativity and productivity for art and writing

  • organizing art shows and self-publishing

  • job searching and interviewing skills

  • successful online dating 

  • parenting, co-parenting

  • running, triathlons, climbing, marathon and ultra-marathon training and nutrition/weight management

From a long-time successful client: "Charles coaching style is really easy to work with... I had weekly phone sessions for several months. In that time (and since) I found myself more accepting of my past down times which in turn helped me produce more work (and not waste as much energy feeling bad about self when down times hit again). He is a kind and knowledgeable artist with lots of great ideas, tips and stories to share. Highly recommend!!"

In the past 20+ years I have run many marathons, did a few triathlons including two half-ironmans, dated a lot, had a lot of fun, did a lot of volunteer work with teens and adults, became a dad, became a single dad, dated some more, wrote and self-published two novels, wrote a lot of poetry, made a lot of visual art and showed it and sold it, practiced meditation and mindfulness with a Soto Zen teacher and others, built websites, broke a tooth snowboarding (sortof), and survived and thrived in ten years of Silicon Valley sales.

I had a great life coach for five years, Wickie Stamps, and now I have a new one who is also great, Michelle Olsen, and I have also advised a startup pre-funding. I have started a company in stealth mode, I have ten years of experience as an account executive (sales)  in startups and was recently part of the acquisition of Ustream by IBM, where I currently work in San Francisco. I am also working on memoir, and taking on some new coaching clients...

Rates are $30 for the first introductory conversation, usually 30 minutes, and $80/hour after that, or $320/month, including phone, text, and email support. I encourage you to work with me to develop a three month, six month or one year plan and the first step is often to email me a list of problems, issues, or goals you want to work on, at keatts@gmail.com, and if it looks like a potential fit we can schedule the first $30 intro session.

Another great place to start is with Bruce Mau, the great Canadian designer, and his "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" or with my Minimalist Journal Techniques.

Please contact me for discounts and more information: keatts@gmail.com

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