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My new book, a novel or memoir, is in progress, several hundred pages and over one hundred revised. Stay tuned.

I have a Facebook page and Instagram with a lot of writing and art. I have been writing and publishing a lot of shorter stuff on Medium:

To the right are some audio recordings, samples of me and my writing. Soundcloud podcasts here

My two published novels are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format, click below:



In the Flat field

Blue is also available on Apple Books, Kobo and other ebook formats listed here:

Blue is my first novel, an intense and wild ride through drugs, mental illness, and death in Philadelphia and Washington DC in the early nineties.

In the Flat Field is about the sudden, mysterious death of a friend by drug overdose, grief, ecoterrorism, sex, drugs, and ambivalence in the face of choosing between right and wrong, based in Berkeley, San Francisco, London, and Ohio.

Reader reviews: 


Great review of my first novel, Blue:


"There is no plot diagram to this novel Blue. It exists, existed is existing as you read. It is everyone and no one. It is him, her, they, them, us and nobody.

It is powerful and truthful. Self hatred, love, insomnia, sleep, sex, addiction, abuse, discipline and hedonism. Addiction, sobriety, addiction in sobriety, murder, lust, love, abuse, insanity and lucidity.

Powerful prose and themes: gods, myth, faith, nihilism, art, literature, music, philosophy, dysfunction. .. writing to write. Writing to make rights? There are no answers in Blue but the novel is a journey I enjoyed. Raw, honest an existentialist gen x story. It doesn't need you the reader, it allows you to see through the piercing Blue. This book wasn't meant for you, yet allows you in to view in a voyeuristic way."

Reader reviews of my 2nd novel, In the Flat Field, from Amazon:


"I really enjoyed the ride this book took be on! Many obscure references, though austerely made, resonated with me deeply. The blend of sci-fi and personal revelation was executed nicely." 

 "I loved this book! I liked the the nitty gritty street element that flowed throughout it so consistently even though the style was purposely uneven. It was fun for me because this culture and this setting here is where I hang out and I have been familiar with it my whole life."


Introduction to readings:

Blue, part one:

In the Flat Field:

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